The Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board is a volunteer board consisting of leading members of industry and academia who provide advice to the faculty and administration on a wide variety of areas and topics to enable the department to effectively produce outstanding graduates.  Some of the areas that the advisory board focuses on is industrial relevance of course topics, scholarly pursuits and issues, current affairs, departmental infrastructure, curriculum, research, cooperative education, accreditation, and safety, to name a few.  In addition, board members may provide scholarly or industrially relevant presentations, tours, and other resources to students and faculty to engage the academic community on immediate issues confronting the profession. 
Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board
Shown for left to right:  Dr. Steven Narkter, Karl Jacob, Judy Marnell, Jill Cummings, Dr. Mary Gillam, Paul Gloor, Dr. Daina Briedis, Dr. Sunil Kesavan, Dr. Jonathan Wenzel, Dr. Susan Farhat, Dr. Kaustav Ghosh, and Dr. Stacy Seeley.  Not shown, Dr. Martin Hawley
At present, the Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Board consists of eight members:
Dr. Daina Briedis of Michigan State University
Ms. Jill Cummings of General Motors
Dr. Kaustav Ghosh of Whirlpool
Mr. Paul Gloor of BASF
Dr. Martin Hawley of Michigan State University
Mr. Karl Jacob of Dow Chemical
Dr. Sunil Kesavan of Akebono
Ms. Judy Marnell of Exatec
The Kettering community would like to thank these individuals and their companies for their efforts to help build a stellar program.