Business Minor

With just four courses in Business, Kettering students can achieve a minor in Business —which will increase your networking skills, expand your business knowledge, increase your career opportunities, improve your readiness for corporate life, and support your candidacy for an MBA or Engineering Management master’s program.

Students can complete the Business minor and a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in just six courses. Most courses are offered every term and you can begin your sophomore year. The courses cover such topics as:

  • Managerial Accounting 
  • Management Concepts 
  • Introduction to Marketing 
  • Economic Principles 
  • Financial Markets or Financial Management 
  • MATH-310 Biostatistics I or MATH-408 Probability and Statistics or MATH-327 Mathematical Statistics I 
  • Any 300-level business elective
  • Any 300-level economics elective with an identifier of ECON 

ACCT-315, MGMT-350 and MRKT-370 are available online during work term