Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Get ready to dominate your destiny! At Kettering, Business majors emerge with a serious edge in the professional world. They’ve got a broad knowledge of business practices, plus real-world experience — more than two years of hands-on, in-the-trenches, business experience.

The new Business Program at Kettering University is focused on preparing students to become Dynamic Leaders in Business by coupling the traditional subjects of Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain with the ability to interact with technical colleagues and having the soft skills that enable them to lead projects and programs.

Some of the advantages of Kettering’s Business program include early and continuous professional experience through our experiential learning and co-op education program, which offers so much more than a typical internship or part-time job. Students gain professional co-op experience at major players like:

  • Beaumont Hospital,
  • Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems,
  • Boca Theater and Automation,                                                                                                                
  • Borg-Warner,
  • Bosch Corporation,
  • Corning Life Sciences (formerly BD Discovery Labware),
  • Disney,
  • DTE Energy,
  • Emhart Teknologies,
  • General Motors,
  • Henniges Automotive,
  • Hurley Medical Center,
  • Kettering University,
  • Key Safety Systems,
  • Mahar Tool Supply,
  • MBtech,
  • Meritor,
  • MTD Products Inc.,
  • Neptech,
  • Patsy Lou Williamson,
  • PSMI Corporation,
  • RAMPF Group Inc.,
  • SKF,
  • Takata Inc.,
  • UPS,
  • Van DenBurgh Consulting, and
  • Visioneering, Inc.

There are opportunities to study in small classes with great faculty who are experts in things like lean production systems and the impact of globalization on organizations; and short two-week international study trips to places like: Australia, China, London, and more.

What’s different about Kettering’s business program? The choice between a technical business program, an international business program or both!

Kettering University offers a  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). The BSBA brings business to technically-oriented students. Kettering Business students have many opportunities to see and experience the world.

Non-business students may also minor in Business and Innovation and Entrepreneurship  — a choice that will enhance your marketability in the real world.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree will have a broad knowledge and understanding of business fundamentals so that they are academically prepared for a business career.  Graduating Business students have a broad knowledge of business fundamentals.  Upon graduation students will have a broad knowledge of: Accounting acumen, Finance acumen, Information Systems acumen, International acumen, Management acumen, Marketing acumen.  

2. Graduating undergraduate students will have the positive perspectives and skills that create productive employees and managerial leaders.  Upon graduation Students will have the following positive perspectives:  students will exhibit an understanding of ethical responsibility, students respond well to supervision, and students exhibit an appreciation for positive suggestions.  Upon graduation students will have the following skills:  students will be able to speak effectively,  students will be able to write effectively, students will be able to work on multidisciplinary teams,  and students will exhibit leadership qualities.

Data on student attainment of Learning Outcomes