Courses biology majors take

Our Biology students follow a program of study designed to give them hands-on integrated laboratory experiences beginning in the freshman year. Exposure to biology laboratory techniques ensures students have meaningful experiential learning opportunities combined with their cooperative work experience. Students also have opportunities to participate in research projects at biological field stations and national labs such as Argonne National Labs.

Required courses for the Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology


AreaCourse NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
General EducationCOMM-101Written and Oral Communication I4
 COMM-301Written and Oral Communication II4
 ECON-201Economic Principles4
 HUMN-201Introduction to the Humanities4
 SSCI-201Introduction to the Social Sciences4
 LS 489SR Sem: Leadership, Ethics, and Contemp. Issues4
  Advanced Social Science Elective4
  Advanced Humanities Elective4
Biology CoreBIOL-141/142General Biology and Lab4
 BIOL-241/242Human Biology and Lab4
 BIOL- 282Biological Techniques4
 BIOL-321Experimental Design4
 BIOL- 361/362Microbiology and Lab6
 BIOL-381/382Molecular Biology and Lab6
 BIOL-441/442Cellular Biology and Lab6
 BIOL-461/462Plant Biology6
 BIOL- 491/491LAdvance Topics in Biology and Lab6
Chemistry CoreCHEM-137/136General Chemistry and Lab4
 CHEM-237/238General Chemistry II and Lab4
 CHEM-247Survey of Organic4
 CHEM-345/346Organic Chemistry I and Lab6
 CHEM-347Organic Chemistry II4
 CHEM-351/352Biochemistry I and Lab6
MathematicsMATH-101/101XCalculus I4
 MATH-102/102XCalculus II4
 MATH-310Biostatistics I4
 MATH-410 or 203Biostatistics II or Multivariate Calc4
PhysicsPHYS-114/115Newtonian Mechanics and Lab4
OrientationORTN-101Learning, Success, and Teamwork1
Electives Technical Electives (4)12
  Free Electives8
Thesis Thesis4