Transferring Courses

Formal Transfer Agreement Guide Sheets

Formal agreements and Guide Sheets exist with the colleges and universities below which guarantee incoming students the transfer of listed courses into specific Kettering University programs provided transfer credit policies are met.

Disclaimer: All course transfers are subject to Registrar final approval

Searchable Transfer Course Engine allows you to find an equivalency for a specific Kettering course at another institution.

Active Kettering students, please be aware that courses listed on the Michigan Transfer Network will not indicate acceptability or guarantee approval of a guest course. Official approval is obtained only by completing a guest application and submitting it to the Registrar's Office for review.

Course Equivalency System

A dynamic display of current course evaluations for selected schools. Listed are approved courses for Kettering University transfer credit. Also included are courses that are considered non-transferable. A minimum grade of "C" is required for the transfer of approved courses. Not accepted for guest credit comment indicates course will transfer for new students, not current students. Courses or colleges not found in our course equivalency system may be evaluated by submitting a complete course syllabus along with the course description to Kettering Registrar's Office.

Kettering students seeking to take courses at another school as a guest need to complete and submit a KU Guest Application Form prior to taking the course. This ensures that the student is taking the correct course and that course is transferable to Kettering.  Acquire a Guest Application Form and read the instructions on Page 1.

Student transferring to Kettering University
  • Maximum 72 credits transferable upon admission
  • Request official transcript to be sent to Kettering Admission Office.
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