Academic and Graduation Honors

Dean's List

The Dean’s List is an honor earned by students who in a given tem have attained a minimum weighted grade average of 3.5, no grades below B, and have a minimum of 16 earned credits for the term.

Scholastic Honor Societies

Sigma Alpha Chi is a Kettering scholastic honor society founded in 1970 for the purpose of recognizing high scholarship among management students at Kettering.

Tau Beta Pi is a national engineering honor society and has its Michigan Zeta Chapter at Kettering. This association offers appropriate recognition to engineering students for scholarship and exemplary character.

Alpha Pi Mu is a national industrial engineering honor society. The eligibility of industrial engineering students is based upon superior scholarship and character of a fiduciary nature. Members of Alpha Pi Mu work responsibly to further the ideals and aims of the engineering profession.

Eta Kappa Nu is a national electrical engineering honor society and has its Theta Epsilon Chapter at Kettering. Electrical engineering students who rank in the top quarter of their class are admitted after their junior year. Students ranking in the top third of their class are admitted after they become degree seniors.

Gamma Mu Iota is a Kettering scholastic honor society established in 1989 to recognize outstanding achievement among Manufacturing Engineering students. The goals of this society are to recognize scholarship, promote the field of manufacturing engineering, and to encourage fellowship among its members and faculty.

Gamma Sigma Epsilon is national honor society recognizing scholarship in the field of chemistry. Its aim is to promote professionalism and scholarship in chemistry and the general welfare of its members.

Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics honor society and has its Michigan Epsilon Chapter at Kettering University. To be eligible for initiation, students must be at least a Sophomore 2, rank in the top 35% of their class, achieve an overall average of 85 or higher in their mathematics courses, and be willing to participate in Chapter activities.

Pi Tau Sigma, a national mechanical engineering honor society, selects members from the top-ranked junior and senior students on the basis of personality, leadership, and probable future success in mechanical engineering. The largest local chapter of this society is Kettering's Delta Chi Chapter.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon, is an international computer science honor society and has its Michigan Epsilon chapter at Kettering. Its mission is to recognize academic excellence in computer science. Students qualify for membership as seniors by being in the top third of computer science majors in their graduating class and having an overall GPA of 3.5/4.0.

Other Honor Societies

Leadership Fellow. A student leadership endowment established by recent graduates recognizing aspiring student leaders.

Sobey Scholars. This award is made bi-annually in memory of Albert Sobey, the founder and first president of GMI/Kettering University.  The following students are recipients of the Albert Sobey Memorial Award:  chemistry students who are elected to membership in both Gamma Sigma Epsilon and Robots; computer science students who are elected to membership in both Upsilon Pi Epsilon and Robots; engineering students who are elected to membership in both Tau Beta Pi and Robots; management students who are elected to membership in both Sigma Alpha Chi and Robots; mathematics students who are elected to membership in both Kappa Mu Epsilon and Robots; physics students who are elected to membership in both Sigma Pi Sigma and Robots; students who earn cum laude status and are elected to membership in Robots.

Professional Leadership Honor Society, formerly Management Honor Society. This organization is comprised of upperclassmen who have demonstrated leadership potential as evaluated by the management of their co-op employer. All members are appointed for one academic year. Activities consist of lunch and dinner meetings each year. Speakers are leading executives in industry and business. Members are given an opportunity to ask questions of these top executives and become acquainted with their ideas, backgrounds, and managerial philosophies.

Robots. This honor society was organized in 1928 for the purpose of giving recognition to those students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, citizenship, and service to the Kettering community. Scholastic standing is an added criterion for election.

President's Medal. The President's Medal is a recognition given to graduating seniors who excel in scholarship, in professionalism on the job, in their academic pursuits, in involvement in the Kettering community, and in their home community. Students are nominated by employers, faculty, and staff and are selected by an committee appointed by the President of the University. The number of medals given is at the discretion of the President but generally will not exceed two percent of the graduating class.


Graduation Distinction of Honors

Summa Cum Laude

Highest distinction based on a cumulative weighted grade average of 3.90 or higher

Magna Cum Laude

High distinction based on a cumulative weighted grade average of 3.70 or higher

Cum Laude

Distinction based on a cumulative weighted grade average of 3.50 or higher

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