Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (commonly referred to as “FERPA” or the “Buckley Amendment”), helps protect the privacy of student records. The Act provides for the right to inspect and review education records, the right to seek to amend those records and to limit disclosure of information from the records. The Act applies to all institutions that are the recipients of federal funding. 
In accordance with FERPA, Kettering University has policies and procedures in place to protect the privacy of education records. Students will be notified of their FERPA rights annually by publication in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs and by an annual email message to students at the beginning of the academic year.

Who is protected under FERPA?

Students who are currently enrolled in higher education institutions or formerly enrolled regardless of their age or status in regard to parental dependency. Students who have applied but have not attended an institution do not.

When do FERPA rights begin for a student?   

At Kettering University, FERPA rights apply when the student is enrolled and has attended. If the student is admitted but never attends, FERPA rights do not apply. 

Do parents have rights to their child’s educational records at Kettering University? 

When a student reaches the age of 18 or begins attending a postsecondary institution, regardless of age, FERPA rights transfer from the parent to the student. Kettering University establishes relationships with its students based on their status as emerging adults, and is committed to fostering their development and self-direction. In this situation, the University expects that its students will assume primary responsibility for their education and well-being. Students have access to their records through Banner Web 24/7 and may share that information with their parents if they wish. Disclosures to parents are permitted when the student provides signed consent.


Kettering University uses the following definitions related to FERPA policies and procedures:
Student: Any individual for whom Kettering University maintains education records. The term “student” does not include an individual who has not enrolled or attended Kettering University.   
Education records: Those records directly related to a student and maintained by Kettering University or by a party acting for the institution.

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