Computer Requirements for Students

Kettering students are expected to have reliable access to the internet on a computer with the following minimum hardware requirements: a Pentium processor with 512 MB of RAM, a CD/ROM drive, a printer, a color monitor with appropriate graphics card, speaker(s) and  appropriate sound card, and a 56K modem, although a broadband internet connection is recommended for viewing video streamed lectures. Software requirements include a word processing package, a spreadsheet package, a Microsoft PowerPoint viewer, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and RealPlayer (needed for viewing CD and video streaming lectures). Students in some classes may be required to load software. Administrative computer access may be necessary.
If you plan to use a computer at work, there may be firewalls that prevent the download of a video player such as RealPlayer or Flash.


Distance Learning Delivery Methods

  • DVD
  • Online video streaming
  • Internet/Web
  • Blackboard
Students must have access to RealPlayer for viewing class lectures on CD and online video streaming formats. Programs are supported by Kettering University’s Online “Blackboard™” system and require a stable broadband internet connection for test administration.

What to Expect

Even through distance learning methods, you will receive the same presentations, materials, and information that our on-campus students receive. Each course in the program consists of standard graduate program coursework which may include homework, projects, exams, tests, papers or other work - depending on the course and/or professor. You receive grades for each course. There is no difference or designation between on-campus and off-campus students on your diploma or transcripts.
To help alleviate the distance gap, you will have personal access to your professors through telephone, voice mail, e-mail, fax, Internet bulletin boards and/or chat rooms. Professors provide office hours during which you may contact them to ask questions or discuss course materials.
We want to help you succeed by providing the education, skills and knowledge that you need to excel. That is why we are committed to making our respected Master’s degree programs available to you wherever you are.
Questions: Contact the Office of Graduate Programs

Key Contacts

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  • Graduation
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