Student Complaint Procedures

A complaint is a written or verbal expression of dissatisfaction or formal allegation against the university, its units, its employees (including faculty and staff), and/or its students.

Harassment and Discrimination

For complaints related to harassment or discrimination in the learning or work environment, refer to the Student Life section of the undergraduate catalog, under Student Conduct: Behavioral Standards.

Other Complaints

Currently enrolled students who have a complaint or issue should first try to work out the problem informally by discussing it in an honest and constructive manner with those persons most involved with the issue. Many complaints can be resolved when a student makes an effort to honestly communicate his/her frustrations or concerns. If a student has a complaint related to a specific course he or she is enrolled in, he/she should first consult with the instructor of the course. If necessary, the student or instructor may consult with the academic department head responsible for the course for guidance on how to best resolve the student’s concern.
For any complaints that the student cannot resolve informally with the parties involved, the student should contact either the Dean of Student (for non-academic-related issues) or the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (for academic-related issues).
Questions: Contact the Student Life Office for non-academic issues or the Office of the Provost for academic-related issues

Key Contacts

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  • Graduation
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