Graduate Grades

Course grades are available after each term via Banner Web. Federal law prohibits communication of grades by telephone. Students may access their grade report and/or print a grade report to provide to their company by logging on to Banner Web.
  A- Outstanding 3.7
   B+ Satisfactory 3.3
 B Satisfactory 3.0
  B- Satisfactory 2.7
   C+ Less than satisfactory 2.3
 C Less than satisfactory  2.0 
  C- Less than satisfactory 1.7
 F Fail 0.0
  FNFailure for non-attendance 0.0
   AU Audit  0.0 
   CRCredit  0.0
 I Incomplete 0.0
 W Withdrawal 0.0
  WNWithdrawn for non-attendance 0.0


Course Hours and Points Definitions

Quality Points = Grade x Credit Hours
GPA = Quality Points ÷ GPA Hours
Attempted hours (AHRS) - are the sum of the course credit hours for which a student has registered. Attempted hours per term is the basis for determining tuition charges and a measure of the student load.
Credit hour - represents one sixty-minute class period per week.
Earned hours (EHRS) - represent work equivalent to that defined for a University credit hour which the student has successfully completed at Kettering University, at another institution or by examination. Not all earned hours necessarily apply to the specific degree program being pursued by the student.
Grade Point Average (GPA) - is computed for each term individually and cumulatively. In either case, the weighted GPA is computed by dividing the total quality points earned by the total quality hours accumulated.
GPA hours (GPA-HRS) - are equal to the credit hour value of the course and are awarded only for course work taken at Kettering University. Only course work resulting in GPA hours is used in computing a student’s grade point average (GPA).
Quality Points (QPTS) - are a computational value used to compute a student’s grade point average (GPA). The quality points earned for a given course are equal to the credit hour value of the course multiplied by the numerical equivalent of the letter grade.
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