Academic Standing


A graduate student whose cumulative grade point average falls below a 3.0 is automatically placed on academic probation. Probationary status is removed only when a graduate student’s cumulative GPA equals or exceeds the minimum of 3.0 required to earn a Master’s degree. A graduate student who remains on probation after completing 12 credit hours since being placed on probation may be dismissed from the program. A probationary student whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.5 will automatically be dismissed from the graduate program. Such dismissals may be appealed to the Graduate Academic Review Committee. Advisement regarding the appeal process to return after academic dismissal is provided through the Graduate Office.


A student may be separated from the University if he/she fails to demonstrate progress toward the degree by successfully completing a class within any consecutive two-year period.

Appeal Process to Return after Academic Dismissal

After academic dismissal through the Graduate Academic Review process, students may appeal to the Graduate Academic Review Committee for readmission by submitting a letter of appeal to the Graduate Academic Review Committee via the Graduate Office one term prior to the term in which they are seeking re-admittance.
This letter of appeal for re-admittance must state the cause(s) of the student’s academic problems, changes in the student’s situation that may rectify those problems and a proposed plan of action to ensure success in the Graduate Studies Program. Students are readmitted on a probationary status for one term.
Decisions of the Graduate Academic Review Committee are final.
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