Tuesday Teaching Talks

Tuesday Teaching Talks are faculty-led, informal conversations about a variety of topics to improve the learning environment.  Timely, relevant classroom topics span multiple disciplines and are chosen based on faculty interest. The setting was previously referred to as “Brown Bag Lunch.”  Recently, a Chef’s Choice lunch was added to provide nourishment for the small groups.  

Some past topics have included:

  •  Developing a Culture of Ethics
  •  Targeted Teaching Strategies: Alternatives to PowerPoint, Lab kiosks, group projects & more.
  •  FYE 101
  •  Do you use MATLAB?
  •  Co-op and Experimental Education Curriculum
  •  Engineering Math: Creating a path for Success
  •  Six Steps for Turning Your Teaching into Scholarship
  •  Innovation to Entrepreneurship
  •  Book Club

Please see calendar for upcoming Tuesday Teaching Talks

Please email cetl@kettering.edu if you have any ideas for future topics or would like to lead a discussion.

Tuesday Teaching: Faculty Resource Guide