Outstanding Teaching Award

This award is meant to honor faculty who have demonstrated outstanding teaching and support for students. Typically, three faculty members receive the award every year. All tenured and tenure track faculty, adjunct faculty, and lecturers who have not received the award in the last three years are eligible for the award. 

Nominations may be submitted by students, alumni, tenure track and tenured faculty, adjunct faculty, lecturers, administrators, staff, department heads, board members and other engaged stakeholders of the university. 

Nominees may be nominated by more than one person. Nominators may nominate more than one nominee. Only individuals may be nominated. Submit your application before June 1, 2016.

Nominations must include the following:

  • The name of the nominee

  • The name of the person making the nomination

  • A statement (approx. 100 to 1,000 words) explaining why the nominee deserves the award with references to the following criteria:
  1.    To what extent did the nominee effectively teach his or her subject? (Please identify the specific course(s) and reference the Principles of Effective Teaching to the extent possible.)

  2.    To what extent did the nominee encourage personal and professional development and lifelong learning in students?

  3.    To what extent did the nominee build productive personal relationships with students and/or enhance their overall experience at Kettering University?

Please refer to Principles of Teaching Effectiveness.

Past Recipients