What is FYE 101?

This course, FYE101-First Year Foundations, will provide critical information on personal, academic, and professional development for first-year students. Class discussions will support students engagement in the Kettering community, help make important connections for students to develop a sense of self-governance, and set a foundation for both a critical thinking and reflective learning mindset. Students will learn to interact in the academic and cooperative work environment successfully. Mentoring and interaction with the instructors will provide support and guidance for students to be fully integrated into Kettering University. Discussions and assignments will enhance student transition and acclimation to Kettering University.


The FYE office is housed within the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) to promote best practices in teaching while bringing together faculty, staff and students from multiple disciplines. A working group, consisting of faculty, staff and students, meets regularly in the CETL Office for formative assessment of the course.

The primary goal of FYE is to help build a strong foundation for student success during the time of transition from high school to college.  Kettering students experience not only a personal and academic transition but also a professional transition as they embark upon their first co-op experience. FYE strives to foster a sense of belonging for students in the Kettering campus community and provide information for students. 

What to expect in FYE 101 

The FYE classroom provides a dynamic opportunity for students to reflect and develop the skills necessary to thrive in academic and professional environments. Students will lead and participate in weekly class discussions that provide them with information on the different opportunities available to them at Kettering University. The faculty/staff instructor and peer mentors will guide and facilitate the discussions with meaningful insight on each of the topics discussed in FYE.