Supplemental Instruction (SI) uses structured peer-led study sessions to help students develop learning tools and strengthen their persistence in historically-difficult courses.
The sessions are facilitated by trained SI leaders, students who have previously taken the courses and done well in them. SI consists of weekly study sessions offered on a voluntary basis; SI sessions run weeks 2 through 10.

Why participate in SI?

SI has been extensively studied. Performance results at Kettering match those at the national level - students that attend SI sessions have a higher percentage of As, Bs, and Cs, and those that do not, have a higher percentage of Ds, and Fs.

What can students expect from an SI session?

In an SI session, students can expect

  • the SI leader to be on time and prepared for the session with an agenda comprised of topics covered in class.
  • to be asked to participate by completing practice problems, discussing concepts, working with a partner or small group, and much more.
  • the SI leader to facilitate learning and not teach new material. The SI leader will clarify concepts to the best of his/her ability.
  • to learn and practice the concepts of the course. Homework completion is a by-product of the SI session, not its main goal.
  • to learn study strategies that can be applicable to any course.

What should students do to benefit from SI?

There are a few things students should do to benefit from the program:

  • Come prepared to the session:
    - Bring books, notes, and other class materials.
    - Attempt homework and come with questions.
  • Take the sessions seriously and be an active participant.
  • Suggest topics to the SI leader for the agenda.
  • Bring a friend (a study buddy). Continue using SI strategies outside of the sessions on one’s own or with study buddies.

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